I've done several long bike trips together with my partner Christoffer Leka. The trips started from a two-day excursion to a nearby village in Southern Finland and have expanded to 3000-kilometer journeys through Europe, occasionally also visiting other continents. Bike travel is for us a way of seeing new places, meeting new people and letting our thoughts soar free on the open roads.

You can read more about the trips in our travel blogs, each dedicated to a different trip. We've cycled from our home town to the Arctic Sea, Nice, Murmansk and Odessa. We've also traveled on bikes around Iceland and through Costa Rica, and circled the Baltic Sea. We've traveled Japan and immersed ourselves in a new culture with an exceptionally inspiring visual tradition. In the summer of 2015 we returned to Iceland, this time by ferry, also visiting the Faroe Islands. The following year we cycled from New York to San Francisco, our longest trip this far. 

And whenever we can, we grab our bikes and go on shorter tours to escape from a life of driving to places to stare at computer screens.